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I am so delighted that you have chosen me as your demonstrator to order Stampin’ Up! product.  As soon as you place an order, you become a Hootlet, A Stampin’ Hoot! Preferred Customer.  I look forward to look after you and ensure you are taken care of and get all the extra benefits of shopping through me.  In order for me to ensure this, there is some important information I need to share with you.

For me to be able to give you the Hootlet treatment you deserve, I need to ensure you create your account via my online store correctly. If at the bottom of the screen it asks you the following question:

Yes   No  Allow my demonstrator to contact me with order updates and other important information. 

If you see this question, please make sure you check the box for YES.  If you select NO, I will not know you placed an order and there will be no way for me to follow-up with you and make sure you get the extras that I promise my Hootlets.

If you have any questions about this, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me!  I am so happy to help and make sure you are happy too!

Have a hoot-a-riffic day!  Stesha

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