Have you been waiting? Moose’s results are in…

A little over a month ago I introduced Moose to the world, getting input on what mix he might be. Well, the DNA results are in and…


Were you surprised? Dalmatian? WOW! Embark estimates that he will be about 39 lbs when he reaches his full adult size. We just had him at the vet for his vaccines and boosters…he is already 30.5 and almost 5 months old…we shall see!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Moose! It was fun for us!

3 thoughts on “Have you been waiting? Moose’s results are in…”

  1. Not surprised at all; if you remember I did guessed American Pitbull Terrier or the Staffordshire Shire Terrier. Super mutt I had never heard of before though.


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